Art at Foxhill Feb 25 2013


undefinedErika Groeneveld (pictured) led an informal 24-hour painting and drawing workshop at Foxhill our diocesan spiritual retreat and conference centre at Frodsham. Erika's teaching work encompasses a wide range of techniques and disciplines. The five who enrolled for the workshop produced a variety of landscape, still life and portrait work.

Acting Warden at Foxhill, the Revd Taffy Davies, said: “This was a new venture for all concerned, and, as it turned out, a very creative and successful experience.”

Other arts and crafts courses are planned in the future. Dates are yet to be confirmed.

Beryl Ashley (pictured above), who lives near Foxhill, went on the course and produced a landsdcape watercolour – which she gave as a gift to Foxhill’s assistant warden Helen Thornton