Art and Soul man 2013


undefinedA Reader-in-training from St Mary's, Tilston, south of Chester, is putting his skills as a professional art teacher to good use in spreading the Gospel's good news. Chis Gilbert, a former teacher at a RC secondary school in Bootle, now freelances as the ‘Art and Soul Man' … going into schools offering art-based or faith-based assemblies and projects.

For the past two years Chris has also served as an artist at the big Christian festival, Spring Harvest. It was there he made the God Loves Me photo booth artwork pictured right. It is designed for people to stand (or sit) in the picture of God’s hands and have their photos taken. It is wheelchair-accessible.

Chris has used the photo booth in a few different schools in recent times and has many other artworks to display as part of his faith-based education sessions. “I think the message of God’s love for us is a powerful one,“ he said.

He is offering the booth to both churches and schools for use in their ministries between New Year and Easter, after which he will retire that particular piece of work.

Chris can bring the booth along to parishes, set it up, supervise its use and take it down - all for travel expenses and subject to other work commitments. If your parish is interested phone Chris on 01948 820362 or email

PIctured below, Chris Gilbert’s ‘Light of the World’ image which was used on a Christmas card sent out to schools by the Diocesan Board of Education in 2011