Angels fly in!


St Mary’s Parish church in Eastham on the Wirral ran its Angel Festival from Advent to Epiphany (January 7th).

Over 350 angels ‘flew in’ from children, schools,  community organisations and local businesses. They hung from beams and rafters and covered the Christmas Tree and moved into every available space!

The Vicar, Revd Beth Glover said;  “I was very aware that many people believe in angels without believing in God and that there is so much made of angel guides, healing properties and and new age thoughts about them. The Angel Festival gave me a chance to tell all who came, for whatever reason, about the strength of God’s created order of angels and how they do only his bidding, not ours…and who proclaim the good news of God’s love.

In particular, people who came to weddings and funerals which happened in those six weeks, loved being surrounded by angels and the 2,500 people who worshipped  with us at that time in our many services, felt they belonged to and embraced something far greater than the church itself.

We felt quite bereft as the angels left but it will now become a tradition!”