Amnesty chruch group Wilmslow 2013


undefinedYoung people and adults volunteered to be locked in a giant cage at St Bartholomew's Church, Wilmslow to raise money and awareness for the human rights organisation Amnesty International. The event was thought up by Eve Smith a Year 7 student at Wilmslow High, and daughter of Paul and Magdalen Smith, Rector and Assistant Priest at the parish.

Eve, aged 12, began an Amnesty group at the parish 18 months ago. She continues to organise and develop it.

The Revd Magdalen Smith said: “We felt we wanted to become more politically aware as a church. One of the five marks of the Church of England’s mission statement is to ‘challenge the unjust structures of society’.

“We are so lucky to live our lives in relative comfort and freedom here that it’s good to remember that not everyone has this luxury. Supporting Amnesty by fundraising and putting pressure on governments is one way we can make a difference to those far away, and help people who have been imprisoned unjustly and are not being heard.”

A giant cage (constructed by a parishioner) and a smaller dog cage (brought by fellow organiser Linda Hendry) enabled both adults and children to sit in the cage for 30 minutes each – and they were sponsored to do this.

Throughout the day lots of people dropped into church to support those in the cage, write a letter on behalf of a political prisoner, learn more about Amnesty and have some refreshments.

Those involved were delighted with how many people came to show support. It’s hoped another event for Amnesty will take place in the coming year.

Pictured above, lined up for human rights (L to R)  are Revd Magdalen Smith, her son Aidan, Nicholas Bradley, Sandi Fisher, Emily Gaskell and Magdalen’s daughter Eve

PIctured below, a young campaigner is ‘caged’ for 30 minutes to raise money for Amnesty International