2012 environmental policy statement


undefinedThis states: "We believe that we have a Christian responsibility to care for God's creation. Therefore we believe that this ought to influence all our thinking, our actions and how we exercise our faithfulness in every function and activity, by every person; 24/7 - all day, every day."

The environmental policy statement was drawn up by the environment group of the diocesan Committee for Social Responsibility Committee (CSR) and approved by Bishop’s Council.

Parishes are being urged by the Archdeacon of Macclesfield, in his capacity as chair of CSR, to get involved at a local level with environmental work.

Archdeacon Ian says: “Over recent years we have all been made much more aware of the impact that humanity is having on our fragile Earth. Archbishop Rowan has declared that care for the environment is central to what it means to be a Christian.

“If you don’t already have a parish environment policy statement, can you adopt or adapt this policy as your own? Are there practices that as a church you can change or introduce that will care for creation?

“Can you identify one small step that you can take now? For example could you share transport to your PCC meeting? Actively caring for the environment may also have the potential for saving money. You may already have a statement on the environment and a plan of action, in which case I simply ask you to continue to build on what you’re already doing.”

To help parishes review where they are on the environment and plan new initiatives, and an ‘Environmental Wheel’ has been designed.

You can find the wheel, plus a lot of ideas that are already being implemented across our diocese, and some suggestions for new initiatives here

Our picture above shows the community garden at St Barnabas’ Church in Crewe – a great example of a parish working with the local community to benefit the environment. Below, Archdeacon Ian Bishop.

Archdeacon Ian Bishop