Authority & Service:Theology & Practice in the New Testament

Date: 14th June 2018

Time: 10:00 - 15:30

Power and weakness, authority and service, in New Testament theology and ethics
An exploration in the New Testament of some key theological teaching and its ethical implications; with a focus on Jesus, Mark and Paul (and some films). Led by Revd Dr Robert Evans

Robert Evans will look with you at the bedrock theology of God’s power made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12.9) and Paul’s inspiring, and sometimes problematic, practical applications of this.

Session 1
The theology of a crucified messiah in the Gospels and Paul
If Jesus, who is Lord, said, ‘I am among you as one who serves’ (Luke 22.27), what sort of power and authority did he exercise? How did he model and share power and authority with his first followers? How did these followers then exercise authority in the earliest churches? (And what are the implications for us?)

Session 2
Local and trans-local authority in the earliest churches (issues of leadership, privilege, women, slaves)
How did Paul see his own authority? In his congregations, how did the wealthy, the poor, the men, the women, the free, the slaves, exercise the power of Christ in them? (And what are the implications for us?)

Session 3
Jesus’ authority: what was Jesus like?
A reflection using Gospel texts and Jesus Films.
What kind of person was Jesus of Nazareth, whom we call ‘Lord’? Can we know? For 90 years film-makers have cast and directed actors to present Jesus. Some portray power; some portray weakness. Do our responses to these tell us anything about our encounter with Jesus through the Gospels?

The Gospel of Mark
1 Corinthians
Matthew 21–23

Revd Dr Robert Evans teaches New Testament theology at the University of Chester, and is author of two books on Paul and Pauline texts: Judge for Yourselves: reading 1 Corinthians (2003) and Reception history, tradition and biblical interpretation (2013).

Venue: Church House, 5500 Daresbury Park, Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4GE
Refreshments and a sandwich lunch provided.

There is no charge for this event.

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